Saturday, December 31, 2005

Aww, You Shouldn't Have!

Sampson couldn't believe there wasn't a bone in this box for him...I couldn't believe there wasn't any sparkly bling in there for me! My romantically challenged husband instead got me a blow up exercise ball despite copious hints for bling.

What the hell?! I have seriously underrated his training and must start him on the remedial program right away. I thought I had this all cleared up after the 2001 incident where we discussed NEVER buying me any gifts that can be plugged in.

Sampson's Top Five Resolutions for 2006

  1. Stop waking up before 5:30am...seems to make mommy a bit snarky.
  2. Get more treats by acting even cuter (probably not possible, but hey, gotta flaunt it while I'm young).
  3. Join the Lab Union I've heard so much about in order to increase wages (bones) and get more paid vacation (walks).
  4. Steal more slippers to pile up next to my bed. As long as I don't eat them, mommy think it's adorable and I get more treats.
  5. Somehow stop the fat orange thing mommy calls "kitty" from sleeping in my bed!

P.S. Stop barking at the pizza man. I'm only supposed to bark at strangers and since the pizza man is here so often I've been told he's no longer a stranger.


Blogger Jess and Jetta said...

I'm certain Jetta has made New Year's resolutions, but she hasn't filled me in yet. When she does, I'll let everyone know. (Although I am sure one of them has to do with making our kittens go back to where they came from).

1/03/2006 6:47 AM  

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