Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Superdog Sampson

Gack, I hate when I can't sleep! And of course it's all the damn dog's fault. Superdog Sampson decided he had to pee at 2 o'freaking clock in the morning. Why oh why? OK, now I feel a little guilty - he's a GREAT dog, I mean, look at that face!

How can you not love that face?! He's 6 yrs. old, we got him 2 yrs. ago from a rescue organization. I intended to get a watchdog/protector type since Todd travels a lot, but anyone who has ever had a lab knows that ain't gonna happen. Maybe he could lick a burglar to death or, at the very least, trip him in his hurry to greet him and invite him into the house to steal whatever he wants.

OK, when I can't sleep I like to make lists. It makes me feel like I have slight control over my life.

Reasons Why I Love Superdog Sampson
  1. The unconditional love. Despite two major knee surgeries that caused him to miss what he loves most (after food) for months - his daily walks.
  2. He never holds a grudge. I also have two cats - I know grudges! Even if I leave him for a few hours which is the thing he hates most (after not receiving food when he wants it), he's still so darn happy.
  3. He wakes up happy. Every damn day. So happy to see ME as soon as he opens his eyes. Drives Todd insane that I am his favorite human.
  4. He gets me out of the house. Even when it's minus fucking two degrees he insists on his daily walk.
  5. He hates water. What lab hates water? We live on a lake but this dog has no interest in getting in the water for which I am extremely grateful I don't have to clean his wet ass up everyday. Of course, not wanting to go outside to pee in the rain (he'd never dream of pooping while it's raining out - please people!) is a tad annoying. For some reason he refuses to use the back door to go outside when it's raining and will only use the front door. Whatever.

OK, to be fair I also have two cats, Hobbes and Spenser. I had them before we were married, much to Todd's dismay. It's almost amusing now how he pretended to like them while we were dating.

Reasons Why I Love My Cats

  1. Their fur is soft when they allow me to pet them without swatting, hissing or biting.


Blogger JuliaR said...

Hey! I saw you posting over on Hank the Dog’s blog and came over to see your water-hating Lab. My previous Lab Uma used to walk around puddles which I appreciated and she never looked too happy in the rain. But once she was in somewhere actually swimming, she loved it! We never taught her to be a retriever but at the age of 10, she suddenly became one all on her own, retrieving floats at a friend’s cottage. So you never know. As for Rockwell (the subject of my blog), I can’t even get him to come on command so we have a way to go yet!

12/22/2005 9:21 AM  

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