Monday, December 19, 2005

Tom Brokaw Rocks; Bush Sucks at giving speeches

Anyone see Tom Brokaw's special report last night "To War and Back" on NBC? I dare you to say you didn't at least tear up. Tom told about seven friends from Glen Falls, NY who joined the National Guard never expecting to go to war. Well, they did and one was killed there and three others were seriously injured. The solider that died - Nathan Brown - was sitting in the back of an open, unarmored truck that was bombed. Now his Mom can't help but wonder if he was in an armored vehicle would he have survived.

To top it all off, Nathan made a "goodbye" video to his fiancee while in Iraq - just in case he didn't make it - so she would know how much he loved her. wow

Then of course, the one who lost four fingers had to be the one that played guitar, was really good at it, and used it as an outlet for all his feelings. Now he can't play anymore.

How interesting that right after this special aired the President was on TV to talk about how we're winning the war in Iraq, be patient, be strong, blah blah blah. How ironic is that?! Am I the only one that noticed this? But note that all the soldiers said they did NOT regret being in the National Guard or serving their country in Iraq and that they would do it again.

And, God, he such a bad speaker! When I see Bush talking with a reporter unscripted, he comes across as confident and humorous, but when he gives these prepared speeches I can't even process what he's saying because I'm so freaked out by his weird pauses. I just cringe when he stumbles over words, or worse, makes them up. Oh, by the way, I AM a Republican but that doesn't mean I have to love every thing and every decision the President makes.

I do happen to agree with Bush that a timetable for bringing home the troops can't be announced. Why not just send the insurgents an engraved invitation - on this date you can begin wreaking even more havoc 'cause we'll be gone!


Blogger doc-t said...

It's sooooooooooooooooooo nice to see a republican who can admit that George w. doesn't walk on water. Yes he IS a bad speaker. A very bad speaker.

Winning this war though...I'm not sure what that really means... What does it mean?

I thought we had won the war when saddam hussein and Iraq Surrendered...How can we be fighting a country that has surrendered? but we're still there.

I know we are not lossing as many men as we did in vietname nonetheless, the los of a single man is too much if it can be avoided.

instead of a date to withdraw by i'd like to see a clear cut set of objectives listed. for example.

1: put a new goverment in place
2: force equal rights
3: build two military bases
4: rebuild their infrastructure.

That at least would give us some idea of how well things are going and when toe expect our men to come home...

about samson.... this is just a suggestion.... train/teach him that anyone that comes into your house after you have gone to bed is there to play fetch with him. if he is like every other lab i have ever known he will then insist on playinb fetch until the burglar dies or leaves.

Does samson not have a doggie secret door he can sneak out of at night????


12/21/2005 3:38 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

Hey doc-t, I don't know what winning this war means anymore either. I agree with the President we can't broadcast to the enemy when we plan to leave, but I hope there actually is a plan and a timetable. I just Jane Citizen and don't need to know when - just that's it's being worked on.

I'm afraid if we leave Iraq now, a new "Saddam" will emerge and nothing will be any different.

Regarding Superdog Sampson - here's the thing about fetching and my dog. He believes fetching is some weird game his human likes and is happy to humor said human 2-3 times. After that, the human should be satisfied enough to call a halt to the silly game and give him a treat.

12/22/2005 8:25 AM  

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