Tuesday, January 03, 2006

One Stop Toliet

Canine Relief Station Having Watering Outlet with Internal Water Reservoir

I love it! Just what every dog needs - a fire hydrant that he can both pee on AND drink from. And of course you're going to want a big 'ol lick in the face after that, too. But wait, wouldn't firemen get confused? Which hydrant is the real deal...

Couldn't make this stuff up, wish I was that funny.

I saw this gem at
www.patentlysilly.com. Yes, there really is a patent for this gizmo.

Coming in a close second in the "Have Way Too Much Time On My Hands" Awards, the Doggie Poop Freeze Wand. You press a button and out comes some chemical that besides creating an even bigger hole in the ozone magically freezes your dog's poop! Cool, but what's the point? You still have to pick it up...I guess it would be good if your dog has diarrhea.

I think it should be marketed as a self defense spray. You could spray it in the mugger's eyes.


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