Friday, May 12, 2006

The Big Sum Up

I'm so pretty, oh so pretty! Kelly Nelly Nello of Nello Designs created a fun new look for me based on my love of butterflies. So check out her designs and also her very cool blog, Diary of the Nello. Thanks Kelly!

Mucho thanks-o to all of you who voted on your favorite piece of furniture for my new house! I so appreciated all the feedback. It appears to be a tie between choices #1 (bench) and #4 (console table). I like both of those, too. Kind of leaning toward the console table but haven't made the purchase yet. And, a big "hurrah" to Kelly of "Life as I Know It", for being the first person to correctly guess the furniture pics were from Pottery Barn. Love that store! Don't love their HUGE shipping fees on furniture, though. WTH?!! So, go visit Kelly and tell her how darn smart she is. No flies on that girl.

Husband is FINALLY coming home tonight after 3 1/2 weeks in VA alone. He closed on the house we power-bought in one day yesterday so we're good to go. The movers come on Monday to start packing us up and should be finished Tuesday. Because the asshat movers scheduled two other jobs after that, they won't be moving us into our house in Richmond until Saturday.

This means we - and our 85 lb. dog and two cats - will be staying with my inlaws until then. Crap. They're great people, just have very weird ideas about animals. They've had labs/retrievers ever since Husband was a boy tot, but their rule is any dog (including theirs when they were alive) has to stay in their tiny foyer. I kid you not. What is wrong with these people?? So, I'm going to be very stressed worrying about him and my poor kitties that will be banished to their basement.


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