Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Be Like Mike

WARNING: If you're not in the mood to read a whiny self-centered post you might just wanna move on now.

I'm in no mood to deal with anything. I'm irritated and irritated with being irritated. I feel so overwhelmed that I just don't know what to tackle first. I'm such a perfectionistic, anal, over-organizer type that I have become frozen with indecision and it's making me hopeless. I have half-written lists all over the house and no energy to start anything.

Then I get mad at myself for this stupid pity party. I just saw Michael J. Fox on Actor's Studio two nights ago and he was absolutely amazing. Wow, what a guy. Actually called his Parkinson's a gift. If anyone should have some self-pity it should be him, but no, he projects strength and determination. He knows exactly what his focus is what his goals are, what he wants to BE.

Gah, for one day, just one day, could I be like Mike. Ok, not EXACTLY like him because I sure as heck couldn't handle Parkinsons seeing how I'm such a freakin' mess, but I want to experience what it's like to live life with his attitude toward it.


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