Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Debbie Does Ditzville

Grr, anger anger anger bubbling boiling making my head explode!!

Went to a new hair salon this morning - ladies, you know how darn important it is to get the right salon and the right stylist. Well, I've been here 3 weeks so I didn't know of anyplace nor did I know anyone to ask.

So, I chose this place called "Salon del Sol" because it was an Aveda salon and I know Aveda makes good hair and skin products. I figured it would be pricey but I was willing to pay it because I want my hair to look good for husband's work trip to the Bahamas in 2 weeks.

When I made the appt. I told them I was a new client. They said nothing about their ridiculous tipping policy at the time, so when I went to pay today I got quite an unpleasant surprise. You can pay with a credit card, but the tip has to be cash or check. That's a paper check, not via a debit card. Who the hell carries paper checks anymore?? I carry a credit card, a debit card and very little cash. Certainly not enough cash for a 20% tip on services totalling $200!!

When I said that they should inform new clients about their tipping policy since most people don't carry a lot of cash or paper checks, I got a blank stare from the bubble-blowing blonde ditz behind the counter. She couldn't have cared less. Luckily I had SOME cash but not enough for the 20% tip I had planned to leave since I spent THREE hours at the salon.

When Debbie Ding Dong had the nerve to ask if I wanted to make a future appt. I said I would go somewhere else with better customer service. Again the blank stare and I actually got an "oh, Ok".

So, I came home and fired off a nastygram to the salon but I'll be very surprised if I actually get a response. Afterall, bubbleditz herself is probably the one that opens the mail.

Anyone else had an embarrassing customer service experience?


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