Monday, June 19, 2006

Idiots Abound

Geez Louise I'm a'gettin' up on my soapbox again...

Two "brilliant" high school seniors put quotes from Adolf Hitler underneath their yearbook pictures. This caused much outrage among some parents who recognized the quotes and were offended. I'm not going to write what the quotes were because 1) that's not the point and 2) I refuse to publicize any bit of crap Herr Asshat said.

The point is the unbelievable reaction of the students who did this - real stand up guys for sure. I predict they're not going to be able to cut it in college and will be back under momma's wing by the end of the first semester.

First we have Ding Dong #1, Christopher Koulermos (no problem publishing his name because he's just stupid, not a genocidal manic). When the Richmond Times-Dispatch called to ask him to comment on the uproar he caused he said, "There was no intent to be offensive in any way. It shouldn't have gone where it did. THEY should have edited it out."

Excuse me?!! THEY should have edited it out? Gee, what he's really saying is he takes NO responsibility for choosing to put an offensive quote by his picture. And, if it was offensive, hey, THEY should have removed it so that HE didn't get in trouble. Wow, this is a real class act, people. He's going to really go far in the world by trying to blame other people for his mistakes.

Then we have Ding Dong #2, Philip Compton. His daddy rushed to his defense: "He is not anti-Semitic; he has plenty of Jewish friends." Wait, it gets better. "Anti-Semitism is not something that is on his plate. Right now, he is concerned about graduating; prom is a biggie."

GAH! In other words, "Hey, leave my poor misunderstood boy alone. He's got important things on his mind like renting a tux and figuring out how to get his prom date's dress off."

I have to believe how these boys were raised has a lot to do with both their failure to act in good taste by putting the quotes in the yearbook in the first place, and their inability to act like decent human beings and apologize to those they offended. It's truly sad that they obviously don't comprehend how abhorrent and disrespectful their behavior was. Shame on them and shame on their parents for failing to raise more enlightened children.


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