Friday, June 02, 2006

Pearls Don't Make You Classy

June Cleaver of tennis she's not. So why is Venus Williams wearing PEARLS - I kid you not - while playing tennis at the French Open?? Does she think if she wears pearls people will all of the sudden think she's classy?

I have to say I've never been a fan of either Williams sister. Mainly because I don't care for their "I'm so much better than you" attitudes with a little "Hey, I grew up in Compton, I can take you down" sass thrown in. I'm sick of hearing about how difficult their childhood was and how hard they worked to become champion tennis players. Blah blah blah. What about Maria Sharapova who left her mother and her homeland (Russia) when she was like 7 and came to America speaking no English?

I'm just sick of their whining and entitlement attitudes. They never give an opponent any credit - if Venus or Serena loses, they always say it was because they weren't playing well, not because their opponent played great.

I'm watching Venus play Karolina Sprem right now, it's 4-3 (Venus) in the first set and I'm hoping Karolina will take it up a notch and put the hurt on her. And back to the pearls - WTH?! Who wears pearls to play tennis? Ridiculous.

I think Venus and Serena teach kids today how NOT to act and what is and is not good sportsmanship.


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