Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dubya in Trouble Again

I find the extreme media attention way overblown regarding the President's shoulder rub of the female German chancellor.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a huge fan of the President and certainly don't agree with his veto of stem-cell legislation. But I saw the "shoulder rub" - all 10 seconds of it - on TV. Who hasn't, it's been shown half a gazillion times. It was NOTHING. Really. The President is not having an affair with the German chancellor. Stop insulting Mrs. Bush by saying and slyly implying such utter crap!

Apparently the public finds it more acceptable for a President to boink a starstruck intern in the Oval Office and lie about it than to give a colleague a harmless shoulder rub.

I think at this point people are so pissed off about the war and the President's decisions surrounding it, that they will lambast him about anything and everything. But it takes the impact away if they attack him for obviously innocent things like this.

What do you think? (I probably shouldn't ask...don't attack ME, it's fine if you disagree. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, but not if you spew crap at me personally. Or my mother. Or my dog. My mother-in-law is fair game, however.)


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