Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Go Ahead and Indulge, It's OK!

"Repenting Hyperopia: An analysis of Self-Control Regrets"

OK, if anyone is still reading I'll tell you what that gobbledy-gook doctor-scientist speak really means.

It means that the older we get, the MORE we will regret making a virtuous choice instead of indulging in a vice. For example, say several workers decide to call in sick and spend the day tubing on the river. You decide to be the good one and stay at work instead of playing hooky.

This study says that as time goes on, you'll regret making the more virtuous choice. In fact, if you actually did call in sick and go with them, you would feel less guilt compared to the amount of regret you would feel if you stayed at work instead of indulging.

Wow, cool, right? The doctoral candidate who who researched this (see, I would have been a doctoral candidate if they had let me know I could research cool stuff like this) says, "We really do believe that in day-to-day self-control dilemmas, people are better off choosing to indulge."

So go ahead, eat that chocolate cake and enjoy the hell out of it!


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