Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If it Looks Like a Duck

Ack, now I've gone and done it.

Lots of errands today. First, and most importantly, Tarjhay 'cause by now you know how much I lurve it. Went for a can of Scotchguard to protect these chairs that I spent hours recovering yesterday - GAH, never again. At least not when there are EIGHT of them. (Notice Sampson "Superman/dog" address tag - love it!).

Got not only the Scotchguard but this adorable "shabby chic" ensemble for the guest bedroom.

Now, as much as I love me some Target, I will say I noticed they had the same wooden ducks for $23 that I purchased just last week for $13 at TJ Maxx! A little disappointed in you Target.

The ducks are above my kitchen cabinets. I was tired of the fake plant look (dang stuff kept getting caught in the cabinet every time I opened the door), and I saw these fellas and thought they'd be fun. I'm going for whimsical here, not serious duck lover. I'm going to have to tell friends and family that I am NOT now collecting ducks or anything having ducks on them. The first duck pillow I get will go to Sampson to chew on.

Husband thinks I may have crossed the line with the ducks...that maybe they're too "out there". I said perhaps he has not evolved to my level of humor, quack quack. Although I think the black one on the end might have to go - he looks a little evil.

Anyway, the point of this post was meant to be that once again I spent too much at Target. But, I pay the bills and therefore I should know what's in the checking account. Supposedly. So after I load my many purchases in the trunk I toodle off to the grocery store. When I go to pay my debit card was declined! Gasp. Embarrassment. Whip out the credit card 'cause what's another $100 on top of what's already on it. Immediately come home and check the account online. Somehow bills and deposits crossed in the mail and sure enough we're overdrawn. Just ONE day...I only needed one day and the deposit would have hit. Crap crap crap


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