Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Reasons to Celebrate

Thirteen Reasons to Celebrate
woo hoo

  1. It's my birthday!
  2. Husband picked a nice restaurant and made dinner reservations all on his own
  3. I got a gift cert. for a spa day - yay, my favorite thing!
  4. Husband says we're leaving early for dinner because we have a "surprise" stop to make on the way
  5. There WILL be chocolate cake tonight
  6. Neither cat threw up during the night (that I've found so far)
  7. I'm going to Tampa to see my 8-yr-old nephew next week
  8. I'm starting a new career (more later)
  9. The house is finally all painted (lovely shades of gold and brick red accents)
  10. My favorite show was on last night - Project Runway
  11. I'll probably eat chocolate at every meal today - woo hoo!
  12. It's all about me me me today!
  13. I feel very, very lucky
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