Friday, July 28, 2006

The World is Way Too Much

For the love of dog! Now I've read it all.

Brangelina and their baby Shiloh have been turned into scary wax figures and are on display at Madam Tussaud's wax museum in Times Square. Are you kidding me?? Gross. And, oh by the way, she has two adopted children - where the hell are they? Why don't they get nasty wax figures like their sister? Not good enough? The whole world has gone weird. Anyone but me get my post title?

Then, poor Allison got voted off "So You Think You Can Dance" last night. Heidi is my favorite but I didn't want Allison to go next, I think she's really talented. I wanted Donielle to go because I don't think she's as good as the other ladies. It seems like people feel sorry for her because she hurt her toe and is heavier than the other dancers. I hope Benji wins the whole shebang. Poor husband actually watched it with me since it was my birthday. He thinks just watching it will somehow make him gay.

Anyone catch "Project Runway" Wednesday night? Yet another ridiculous reality show that I have somehow become addicted to. I actually felt a little bad for Malan who was kicked off the week before. In his interview afterward you find out his mother basically told him he was absolutely awful and would never make it as a dress designer. Nice. Must have been all peaches and cream growing up with that mother monster. But this week Katharine went. Dummy! If she had just listened to Tim Gunn, Fashion Father Figure Extraordinaire, and made a damn hoodie for her model I bet she would have stayed. Neck tattoo guy really pisses me off. Again, if he had listened to FFFE and created so much as a diaper for his dog he would have won the damn challenge. He acted like it was totally beneath him to design for a dog and got nasty when they told him he didn't follow the rules. The girl with the long messy hair that wears the ridiculous short balloon skirts needs to go. Bitch has an attitude problem. She was smirking while the judges critiqued the other contestants. Nasty piece 'o work. Can't wait until next week when someone gets kicked off for not following the rules, oooh scandal schmandal!

I'm just in a bad, bad mood today. Birthday sucked. Not at all my wonderful husband's fault, though. This post is too long already so I won't go into it. I just kept wishing I was Dorothy and could click my heels together 3 times and go home. But then I realized, I have no "home" anymore and all that that word entails. This is it for now. sigh


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