Wednesday, August 09, 2006

And a Good Morning To You, Too

"Guck, guck, guck, guck, bluck."

Anyone who has an animal has probably been propelled out of bed by that sound. Rem to wide awake in about 2 seconds.

At approximately 4:15am this morning Sampson decided he'd slept enough and woke me up by vomiting in the corner. Lovely.

Oh, "poor thing" you say, he must be sick. Ha! He is NOT sick he's just an attention whore and wanted me to get up. And he knew he was bad because he slunk off downstairs and wouldn't come back up while I was cleaning up his puke (why do they always throw up in the corner where it's so hard to get the carpet clean??)

I went downstairs, let him out at which point he just sat there and stared at me like, "what? How long do I have to stay out here and be punished?" I let him back in and he runs - runs!- to his food bowl expecting his breakfast. Ha! Not at 4 in the morning, buddy, yea, real sick.

So then I'm up for 2 hours unable to sleep. After getting back to sleep one of the cats commences screeching outside the bedroom door for his breakfast at 7am. No fair you stupid feline! Thinking I would outsmart him, I had already fed him at 4 before going back to bed. But noooo, he can't get it through his furry peabrain that there would not be additional food forthcoming at the normal feeding time.

The picture is his majesty yawning since apparently it's been a rough night for him.


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