Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Annoying Asshat Guy

So I met this really annoying person this weekend and since all I seem to do on my blog is bitch and whine, I thought I'd tell you about him.

Let's call him Asshat Guy for the sake of reference. He is a business associate of my husband's company and has been pushing to get together with my husband and my husband's boss. It is to his advantage to get them in his corner so to speak, so that they might be more inclined to grant him favors down the road.

So, Husband and Boss played golf with Asshat Guy then we had drinks at Boss's house with his wife, and then we all went out to dinner. I was the only one that had never met Asshat Guy before. Boss's wife and I are out on the patio when they come home from playing golf. My husband and his boss come out to say "hi" to us; Asshat Guy stays in the house and just looks at us out the window. I thought he might come out and introduce himself like a normal member of society, but no.

During the course of drinks and dinner I try to do my "corporate wife" thing and be charming to Asshat Guy. I ask him several questions about himself and his business. He answers me politely but after 2 hours I realize he is not going to reciprocate in the 'ol "getting to know you" game. That's right, he doesn't ask me one question - not one, not about anything. WTH, is he a social moron? How does he not realize that being nice to the wife will earn you points with the husband?

It was so weird that I'm still thinking about it. I have to say I've never met someone that so blatantly stated, "I don't care about you." I was actually pissed by the end of the evening 'cause no one puts Baby in a corner! I also noticed he didn't ask the boss's wife one question either. All he did was talk about himself and try to tell amusing stories.

I'm irritated his behavior annoyed me so much, but it did. Have you ever met someone like that?


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