Monday, August 07, 2006

Good to Be Home

I'm back from Tampa. First time I've been there that it wasn't hotter than where I came from. Gah! I'm sick of summer can we please segue coolly into autumn (my favorite season).

Thanks to everyone for all the game suggestions! My nephew's fav game of the moment is definitely "Hide 'n Seek" and I must say I'm thoroughly sick of it. We did also play Jingo, Jengo, Life, trucks, Concentration, go the pool, and watch a movie. Why do kids have this need to do/play something a gabillion times? I remember doing that when I was a kid, too. In fact, I still do with food. If there's something I'm craving like Frosted Mini Wheats, I'll eat them for a month straight and then be done with them.

My nephew was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD about a year ago and after much agonizing, my brother and his ex-wife put him on medication. I have noticed a tremendous difference in his ability to focus and he is a lot less hyper. But, he also seems a little depressed and lethargic which makes me so sad. There was one day when he/we forgot his medicine and he was a different child. He was at the other end of the spectrum - bouncing off the walls, talking nonsense a mile a minute, unable to sit still or focus. It really freaked me out. I hope his medicine can be adjusted so he's neither a zombie nor so out of control.

So, happy to be home. Sampson jumped up and down and didn't leave my side all evening. Husband had cleaned the house and made me dinner. Note to self: leave more often!

OK, off to visit all your blogs and catch up on everything I missed.


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