Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jon Benet Ramsey - Vindication At Last

Wow, I couldn't believe it when I heard last night that Jon Benet Ramsey's killer has finally been caught. And, big surprise, it was not a member of her family.

That poor family; I can't imagine what they went through for the past TEN years. And with Patsy, her mother, dying of breast cancer last year she never got to see justice for her daughter. Although I'm sure she and Jon Benet knew this day would come when they were reunited after her death.

But how hard must it have been for the Ramseys and their son to try to mourn and go on with their lives when the police made it known they were suspects in their own daughter's murder. I'm still baffled why they thought that when there was DNA under Jon Benet's fingernails and in her underwear that was proven to not be a family member's.

So now we find the murderer is some ex-school teacher who used to live near the Ramseys in GA. I haven't heard how he ended up in CO when they did - was he stalking Jon Benet?? Then they find him
in Thailand living in a neighborhood of massage parlors and travel agents that cater to expatriate residents and sex tourists. There's one country that absolutely disgusts me. I can't imagine anyone hasn't read all the media stories about the child sexual exploitation that goes on there. I'm sure there are more pedophiles living there than anywhere else but obviously that government doesn't care as long as money keeps being spent.

Oh, and this guy has apparently confessed to killing Jon Benet, saying it was an accident - a kidnapping gone awry. Uh huh, I guess that's why your semen was in her underwear, asshat.

This also brings to mind Richard Jewel - remember him? The guy first hailed as a hero during the bombing at the Atlanta Summer Olympics and then villified in the media because the police suspected he was behind the bombing. He wasn't but his life was ruined nonetheless.

I still believe the police "get it right" the majority of the time but there are plenty of other well known cases where the police got it wrong - do you remember any?

So now we're hearing this guy may not be the murderer but just some sick pedophile fuck?? Unbelievable! Have you seen him on the news saying how he "loved" Jon Benet? I am so disgusted. These pedophiles are so delusional; actually thinking it's OK to love children in a sexual way and that the children love them back. Then he has the nerve to say, "I was with Jon Benet when she died." Yea, 'cause you killed her, asshat! If indeed he is the real killer. I feel so sorry that the Ramsey family and friends have ride this roller coaster. I really hope they have the right guy.


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