Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One of Those Mornings.

Ya know what's really annoying?

When your husband goes on a self-improvement kick and decides to run on the treadmill before work. At 5:30 freakin' a.m. In the room right above the bedroom. Yea, the one where you were previously sound asleep, dreaming happy dreams. He might get put on the asshat list this week.

Also annoying? When you're up and the newspaper hasn't yet been delivered, Gah! No excuse, paper deliver-ers should be like mailmen: neither rain nor snow nor early morning hour should delay my flippin' paper. Definitely going on the asshat list.

Also annoying? Crazyass pedophiles who confess to murdering little girls when they didn't just because it makes them feel closer to said girls. At least they'll nail him on porn charges and he should serve some jail time. Be doubtful if he ever leaves prison alive.

So, what's annoying you today, Sunshine?


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