Sunday, August 20, 2006

PO'd at the Neighbors

Neighbors, gah!

Good neighbors can really give ya a warm fuzzy just as bad neighbors can really constipate ya.

I feel cheated. I thought our neighbors were going to rock. I mean, they brought us beer the night we moved in and homemade coffecake the next morning. Cool, right?

It got better - they have a dog, we have a dog. All dog owners know instantly what this means - help for those times you can't quite make it home in time before Fido decorates the carpet with a particularly smelly and brown-themed design.

Of course, we were a little taken aback to discover they owned the only attack golden retriever known to man (she likes people but no other dogs under no circumstances). So, Sampson would not have a next door pal unfortunately, but hey, no biggie.

So a couple of weeks ago the seal was broken when they - let's call them Neighbor Asshat - asked us to let their dog - let's call her Assy Cugo - out because they were going to be gone all day. Yes! Let the payback begin.

So this Saturday when we had a command golf/pool/dinner performance with Husband's boss and a business associate we asked them to let Sampson out around 6 or 7 pm. They said "Sure, we're going to the beach (2 hrs away) but we'll be back around dinner."

Around 11:30pm as we are literally getting in the car to drive home, Husband's cell phone rings. Neighbor Asshat says, "Oh, we just got home and weren't sure if you were already home or not." Um, clearly we're not home 'cause the car that's always parked in the driveway whenever we're home is not there. "So, do you still want us to let Sampson out?"

Wha???? Good thing Husband was talking to them or I would have had to kick some ass through the phone and we would have had to move out in the middle of the night. (Hey, I'm Italian, it's a rule that you have to have a temper to be in da club.) Husband nicely asked them to please let Sampson - who we've never abandoned for so long before - out as we still had a half hour drive home.
I'm sure they heard me screaming in the background, "Why didn't they call us at 7pm when they knew they weren't going to be home any time soon!" Yes, why the fuck indeed didn't they? Because apparently they're irresponsible asshats, that's why.

As far as we can tell and smell, Sampson didn't decorate the carpet for which he was richly rewarded with his favorite treat - a greenie. But I was still really pissed off. And disappointed because they were disrespectful and now I will never feel comfortable asking them to let Sampson out again. We saw them the next day and they acted like nothing happened..."Oh, it ended up taking us 4 hours to get there because there was an accident." That made me even more mad since they knew way in advance they wouldn't make it home anywhere near the time we asked them to let Sampson out. They know Husband's sister lives 15 minutes away - if they had let us know, we could have had her help out. GAH!


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