Friday, August 11, 2006

Spread the Wealth Around

So, Billy Gates has forked over $500 million to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This on top of the $150 million he previously gave the foundation and the $287 million he is planning to put toward AIDS vaccine research.

Hmm, nice. No, really, it’s incredibly generous. I just have a question – what about donating some cash to help problems in the U.S.? (His grant is to an international fund that provides AIDS assistance to poor countries.) You know, minor pesky problems such as illiteracy, starvation, homelessness. How about more money for teachers, police and firefighters? I feel like America is letting down its own citizens and especially its children.

I’m not saying don’t help other countries who are in need. I’m just saying, what about us? It’s incomprehensible to me that we have homeless people in America; people who can’t read; children who don’t have enough to eat…

I could go on and on about the other issues in America that just seem to be getting worse and worse – drugs, gangs, cynical youth…it just seems that we do so much to help other countries and not enough to help our own people in need.

And why? Every country except Great Britain hates us - you see it every night on the news. What does that teach our children, too, I wonder. For the love of dog, some asshats just tried to blow us up - again. I say, stop sending aid to other countries until they at least ask for it, acknowledge it and gee, I don’t know, say "thanks, I guess you're not such assholes after all."


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