Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Through the Looking Glass

I'm off! Off to see the Wizard! Always wanted to say that. Always secretly wished there really was a Wizard, and a lion, a witch and a wardrobe, too.

Yes, I was one of those poor misunderstood ultra-shy-nose-in-a-book-ignore-the-world kind of kids who deep down knew magic didn't exist but oh gosh, still believed just a tiny bit that there might be a Santy Claus after all Virginia.

At the age of 38 (gah!!) I still read each Harry Potter book that comes out. I don't know why; everything else I read is usually in the mystery category. Maybe because I want so hard to believe there is a magical world running parallel to this crap world and somehow I'll fall through the hole to it. Hmm, sounding a little too like Alice in Wonderland there. That's not where I want to go; never really got poor Alice. I thought she was dumb not to just enjoy the show and go with the flow. I think the whole book came from some wham bang of acid trip that Carroll was on. Oops, some classic book police are probably going to come burn my house down now. I'm sure he was a very fine man. As well as a drug addict.

Anyway, (note the proper use of the word "anyway". Let me just say one of my pet peeve's is when people say/write "anyways" which is NOT a flippin' word. I swear. Check the dictionary.) Look, I don't mean to be the grammar police because I'm the first to admit that I am far from grammatically (or politically) correct. I'll just throw a semicolon in 'cause I love 'em; think they're cool. But a pet peeve is a pet peeve and everyone is entitled to hers. So there.

Anyway, the point of this post is to let my readers, all 4 of them, know that I am going to Tampa Wednesday to visit my one and only nephew. So there will be no posts until I return Sunday. Should the little imp leave my side for a minute or two, I'll be lurking around, reading as fast as I can before it's time for another game of "run outside in 106 degree heat until you puke."

So, have a great week and if you have a pet peeve feel free to share it.


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