Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Recap

Oh it was an exciting one alright!
  • We put in a mandatory appearance at mother-in-law's Saturday. My husband's half brother's family was visiting from out of town. MIL insisted they wanted to see us - a manipulative lie to get us to her house, since I imagine if they really wanted to see us they would have invited us to visit at least once when we moved to Ohio previously where they'd been living for 40+ years. So, they were there along with two other families of cousins and my sister-in-law and her husband - I could hardly contain my joy. I started drinking within 2 minutes of arriving and survived by being pleasantly numb the entire time we were there. I avoided my MIL successfully and every time someone said anything to me I replied with extreme sarcasm. They all thought I was joking and wildly funny - I wasn't joking but now I have found the key to having to be around them. Just insult them and laugh and they will think I'm joking - perfect!
  • The dog - who you recall woke me up by puking in a corner at 4am last week when husband was out of town - threw up again. But this time he politely woke husband up at 2am, husband took him outside, he threw up and then was fine. You know if I'd been home alone he would have just thrown up in the damn corner.
  • Husband insisted on showing me where he went to college and reliving all his college good times on Sunday. I admit (to you, not to him) that it was interesting to hear his experiences since he went to such a small school (1,100 undergrads total) compared to my college (40,000 undergrads plus at least 20,000 grad students). If I had to do it all over again I definitely would have gone to a smaller school. He never had a TA (teaching assistant) teach a class where I would regularly have lectures of 1,000 students led by a TA from a foreign country whom I could only understand every fifth word mumbled. Husband's class size was never larger than 25 and always taught by a professor. He shared many funny stories about these professors that he came to know very well and considered friends. He could walk from one end of campus to the other in 5 minutes; it took me a half hour. Husband also has many very close college buddies whereas my closest friends are from high school, not college. When I received a wrong grade it took me two months of red tape bureacracy to get it straightened out. I was never even able to talk to the professor; I was shuttled from one VIP Asshat to another and to various offices and advisors who were supposed to help but always just passed the buck.
Maybe I wouldn't say I'd rather have gone to a smaller school had I not had the experience of a larger one. But, one of my biggest regrets is not enjoying college more. I think I was too serious, shy, and naive having grown up in a small town. I just wish I taken advantage of more opportunities and it baffles me to this day how I could not have close friends from a four-year time period. Do you have any regrets about college?


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