Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekly Asshat Walk of Shame

And this week's shameful nominees are:

  1. Lloyd Eisler and Kristy Swanson who announced she's pregnant just 8 months after he left his then pregnant wife for his "Skating With Celebrities" co-star. Geez, have a little class, asshats.

  2. Floyd Landis. Damn man, why?! So disappointing when his second sample tested positive for synthetic testosterone and he was stripped of his Tour de France medal. Oh well, everybody loved ya for about a week.

  3. Mel Gibson who God knows I hate to waste time writing about again, but I must slam him for a) saying he was entering rehab and then not doing it and, b) asking the Jewish community to "help" him in an incredibly transparent shameful PR stunt.

  4. Petroleum Asshat BP who is shutting down itsAlaska facility due to supposed necessary pipeline repairs. The media is saying this will translate into a 20-30 cent per gallon increase in gas prices. Why?? BP is making more money than Oprah and should eat the loss rather than force a price increase so their precious profit margin isn't affected.

  5. And the winner of the Weekly Asshat Walk of Shame Award: China, for killing over 70,000 dogs because of fears they might have rabies. Shame, shame, shame on you for not requiring dogs to be vaccinated and instead taking the easy way out. You are disgusting and inhumane.


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