Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weekly Asshat Winner

Thanks to those of you who voted for one of the "Weekly Asshat Walk of Shame" nominees. I'm sure they were all happy to be selected this week. I can hardly wait for next week this is so darn easy. I mean, they just keep falling in my lap!

The concensus appears to be that Dell of the igniting laptops is the asshat winner - woo hoo, I hate Dell! I should send them a letter informing them of their win and asking for a comment. You know, since they totally ignored the letter I wrote when my hard drive crashed. One of the tech "customer service" reps I spoke to on the phone actually had the nerve to tell me, "Oh yea, this happens a lot. If it's going to crash it pretty much happens within the first 2 weeks of use." Really, how fucking interesting. I guess it would be too much to ask for your Quality Assurance dept. (ha, I bet they don't have one) to oh, I don't know, boot up a new laptop for 2 weeks before sending it to the warehouse to be shipped to some poor unsuspecting customer. Asshat!!!!!!!!!

OK, moving on...My horoscope (I'm a Leo, of course, check the mane) says, "Go for the gold. Make your move on any major venture that requires dedication and self-reliance." Hmm...thinking, thinking, thinking...ah ha! I'm going shopping today. see ya


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