Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dark and Twisty

Addiction is selfish bitch, isn't she? She sneaks up on you slowly, so by the time you notice her you can't refuse her because it's already too late - you HAVE to have her.

Oh, I've talked about my unhealthy relationship with chocolate in the past, but that's not my real addiction. Oh no, this one goes back as far as I can remember. I just haven't been brave enough to put it out there for you all to feast on before.

But now that these are popping up all over the country, I feel like I can come out of the cupboard.

Hello, my name is Katherine and I'm addicted to cereal.

Yep, me and Jerry Seinfield, like this (picture me crossing my index and middle fingers.) Seriously, did you ever notice the gazillion boxes of cereal in the kitchen cabinets of his apartment on Seinfield? That's me to a "t." My grandma once counted 20 boxes in my house. I thought she was going to faint, this woman who had taught me how to make homemade bread and tomato sauce before I was twelve.

Right now I have ten boxes of cereal in the pantry and am feeling a little anxious. I'm getting a little glowy (I don't perspire) just thinking about it. I've already checked my coupons and am planning a grocery trip for tomorrow.

I can NEVER eat just one kind of cereal - I have to mix. Three kinds is preferred but I'll settle for two if I have to. I like the nights Husband works late or is out of town so I can just have cereal for dinner instead of making the whole meat-starch-veggies-salad deal.

Tonight I had a delicious combo: base of Kashi Autumn Wheat, middle layer of Wheat Chex, and a topper of Total Raisin Bran. I really, really wanted to add Kashi Go Lean Crunch on the top but I couldn't fit it in the bowl. Note to self: buy bigger damn bowls.

I don't discriminate, I love all cereal. Golden Grahams is one of my favs as is Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cinnamon Life but I can't have them in the house. I would eat a box in two days so I finally had to ban them. I slip every once in a while, though. Just last month I gave in to my dark and twisty (thanks Grey's Anatomy) urges and bought them. I had a coupon, see. And, I did use them to make a cereal snack mix for Husband's poker game. But I knew I would have a lot leftover - I knew it! I ate cereal 3 or 4 times a day for about a week until all the good sugar cereal was gone.

Gah! Just talking about it...whew, it's driving me crazy. I'm going to have to have another bowl. Don't judge.

What's your addiction?


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