Wednesday, September 13, 2006


So, it's back. One of my 300 guilty pleasures, "Dancing With the Stars." Gah, how I wish I could quit you. My husband would probably pay me to stop watching. hmmm

I didn't see the first hour last night because House was on and I surely lurve me some Hugh Laurie. He's hot, he's got the accent, AND he's funny - come on!

Anyway, the costumes on DWTS were as cheesy as last season's - love it! Could Mario Lopez's pants BE any tighter?! Am I the only one who thinks Joey is secretly gay? Poor Harry Hamlin. You would have though Lisa Rinna would have taught him something before the show aired. He was painful to watch and freakishly skinny - what is it with those two?? But hey, he's got to be better than Master P who was dumped on sweet Ashley last season. Emmett - you rock, guy! Jerry Springer - oh, good God, what to say...if you can't get up once you've bent down you probably aren't going to go far on this show.


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