Friday, September 29, 2006

Kroger Update

So I just got a call from the store manager at my local Kroger. She had been forwarded my email complaining about how they were out of basic items (chicken breasts) and how I had to deal with an asshat checkout lady (yes, I was a little more diplomatic in my letter to them than I was on my blog.)

I have to give Kroger points for actually calling and apologizing. I was told that the checkout person I had the problem with had been talked to and informed that Kroger does not support her behavior or what she told me about having to give your Kroger card and coupons BEFORE you swipe your credit card. So there, beyatch. Yes, I know I'm petty but I can't help being pleased she got in trouble for her behavior. You can't just go around making up your own rules and being nasty to people. Well, you can't if you work in customer service. I, on the other hand, make stuff up all the time. Did you know that people who eat chocolate and cereal every day are beautiful and brilliant? Oh, and astronauts.

The store manager also told me that a temp worker crashed their distribution system and prevented trucks from coming and going from the warehouse for four days. Hence the lack of food available in their store. They scrambled to get some produce from local suppliers, but they weren't able to stock the shelves like they usually do. (Really, I'm not that imaginative - I can't make this stsuff up.)

Now, I'm very familiar with computer glitches (Blogger anyone?), but wouldn't you think they would put someone a little more oh, say experienced, working with the system that is ultimately responsible for them making a profit? I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, I was impressed they called and apologized and will go back again. If only to see what could possibly happen next! I'll be sure to let you know.

P.S. I was kind of expecting her to throw a $5 gift card my way or at least a free steak or something. I mean, I did say I was NEVER coming back, so you'd think she might want to throw me a frickin' bone here, but no.


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