Sunday, September 17, 2006

Never again

Gah! I just planted 13 mums, 3 rose bushes and 2 pansies. Kill. Me. Now. I hurt and I'm afraid to go take a shower.

See, that's when I have to do a body check and make sure I don't have any ticks on me. Husband got two just spreading mulch a couple of weeks ago - seriously freaked me out. Hard to get used to living in Bugland, never had to deal with that before.

I wish I could just put some Frontline between my shoulder blades like I do for Sampson. He's pretty greasy for a couple of days but then it absorbs very nicely into his skin. Why can't they make that for humans? 'Cause I can positively assure you that Deep Woods Off is total crap. I think the bugs here actually like the smell of it due to the number of welts all over my legs.

Husband and I have decided next move we're buying a condo. We end up spending so much time and money landscaping, enjoy it for two years, and then he gets transferred yet again and it seems like we did all the work for nothing. So, screw it, I've had it with flora and fauna. (Not exactly sure what "fauna" is/are but it sounded good, right?)


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