Monday, September 25, 2006

Splurging at Tarjay

I just got home from Tarjay - OMG! $245.34. Wha? Who? What just happened?!

I gotta start adding in my head or writing it down on my hand before I get to the checkout. I mean, geez, a couple of nail polishes, a CD (ABBA - a classic AND on sale!), a few of those nice long-sleeve stretchy tees, a box of cereal, a couple workout tees and a sweatsuit (every chick needs to look good while working out to motivate her to do so), sunscreen (shouldn't count 'cause you gotta have it - hell, it should be FREE), a box of cereal (Kashi shredded cardboard wheat), a bunch of picture frames for the "picture wall" I'm doing of my relatives in the upstairs hallway (next time my mother-in-law comes to visit I'll tell her I'm "working on" adding her and the rest of husband's relatives, yea right.)

So I guess I have to, should, maybe select some stuff to go back. In my defense; however, it will be very difficult to focus on that task with the mariachi music blaring in the background. The guys building the house behind mine have been blasting it for about 2 weeks now, and despite keeping all of my windows closed I can hear it all too well. I'm sure it's very entertaining in small doses but at this point I'm beating my head against the wall for forgetting to buy earplugs at Target.

Side note: how about my judicious use of the html strikeout tag?? Only took me a couple of months to figure that one out, 'cause you know, isn't really that self-explanatory.


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