Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Boost It Up

So, husband and I were in bed watching TV last night (flipping between the playoff game and that new Ted Danson sitcom - ehh, it had some moments).

Out of the blue he says, "You have the least amount of self confidence of anyone I know."

I reply, "Well, how would you really know seeing as you have MORE than anyone on Earth?"

Laughter ensued as we both knew I was right. But, he was also right about me. We actually had quite a long discussion about my lack of confidence. We concluded it has a lot to do with 1) Me caring too much what other people think of me and, 2) How I was raised.

I don't want to go into my whole childhood deal-o, that's certainly a conversation or ten for some poor therapist to suffer through down the road (although it was not horrible). But, I do think that's the primary factor in my self esteem issues. Because Husband has NO self esteem issues whatsover, I asked him how I should gain more confidence in myself but he had no big revelations.

So, I'm asking you, smart blogger people, what do you think affects confidence and how do you boost yours?


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