Friday, October 13, 2006

Can You See Dead People?

Tarot cards, ESP, psychics, mediums - this time of year just makes me think of that stuff. Anyone believe in John Edward and all of that?

I do believe there are people who see/hear dead people and know what's going on in your life or what will happen. I also believe there are a lot of fakes out there who con people to make money which ends up giving the true seers a bad name.

I had Tarot cards read once when I was in New Orleans about 10 years ago. There were two things the reader told me that I've always remembered and they were accurate.

One was that my father would open doors in life for me. There was more to it, but that was the main point. Well, it was true. I worked at the same company he did, and while he didn't get me my job I'm sure the fact that I was his daughter got me an interview.

The second thing was that I would meet a man who would put me on a pedestal and treat me like a queen. I was dating a guy at the time, so I asked the reader if I had already met this man. Well, no psychic ability needed here - just common sense - she asked me if he treated me like a queen. I wasn't really sure what to think; he didn't treat me bad, but a queen??

Many years later I met my husband and we got engaged after just 3 1/2 months of dating (coming up on our 7 year anniversary, thank you very much!) After meeting him, I really knew what the tarot card reader met by "put me on a pedestal." How he treats me reminded me of my reading which I hadn't thought about in years - but it definitely came true!

Has anyone else ever had Tarot cards read or talked with a psychic? Had a psychic experience yourself? I'm sure a lot of it is what you make of it and how you fit what the person says to your situation, but I still believe. I WANT to believe that there is something else after we die. That we will get to see our loved ones that died before us. I refuse to believe there is just "nothingness."


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