Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crackberry or Cross bow

Dear Nissan-driving Asshat,

Do not drive on the road I am driving on if 1) You are not driving at least the posted speed limit and 2) You are incapable of noticing the line of cars behind you waiting for you to move into the right lane because you are going too slow in the left.

And, oh? Put down the fucking Crackberry when you're driving!! You should not be trying to read and send email while driving. I saw you poking at it while veering all over the road - yet, surprisingly - not into the right lane where your slow ass should have been.

Consider yourself very lucky that I don't own a cross bow like the gentleman in Little Rock, AR, who today used his to shoot out the rear window of the car in front of him because he thought the guy made an obscene gesture at him. (Cross bow guy was drunk - you think? - and obscene-gesture guy was unhurt.)

So, to recap, Crackberry or cross bow - you choose.


Mrs. Make My Day


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