Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Foot in Mouth Disease

Husband's boss's wife (let's call her Jilly but no, that is not her name) calls me at 8 AM this morning. Luckily, I was up and had drank some coffee. Quite an accomplishment since the dog woke me up at 5 AM because he wanted his breakfast which started the cats meowing howling and then I actually went back to bed for a couple of hours - oops.

So I was up when Jilly called at what I consider a socially irresponsible hour unless I 1) Know you very well, 2) You are my relative or, 3) I like ya lots. "Do you want to go shopping today?" she asks. While it is very kind of her to include me I don't really want to shop with her because she's a size 2 and I'm not. (If you're not a woman or not a woman who wears a size greater than 2 you won't get this so feel free to leave now.) Oh, and she's a little coo coo. But hey, you don't say "no" to the boss's wife, right?

I do say that I have an appointment at 11:00 - which is true - but I should have left it at that. I always feel like I have to explain and then I go into waaaaaaaay too much detail. So I said that my appt. was with a personal trainer, which was really stupid. I may as well have said, "I care more about working out than spending time with you." Which, while true, is not the smartest thing to imply to the wife of the man that signs your (husband's) paycheck.

"Oh," she says. I rush in - "I'll call you as soon as I've showered and meet you there." So, I get her cell phone number. After the workout I rush, rush, rush through shower, makeup, hair; still sweating and breathless I phone her and...get her voicemail. Huh. I leave a message and she calls like two minutes later so it seems that she purposely let it go to voicemail so she could hear my message, right? She says she didn't really find what she needed and she's on her way home. Okaaaaaaaaaay...

So, either I dodged a bullet or she was pissed and that was her way of putting me in my place. *sigh*


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