Friday, October 20, 2006

Gay Ballooning Elves

How'd that post title grab you? My post is'll see.

Huh! T.R. Knight who plays goofy Dr. George O'Malley on Grey's Anatomy just said he was gay in a People magazine interview. Didn't see that one coming! I actually don't like his character on the show; they make him too bumbling and oafish for me to buy him as a top surgical intern. Of course, all the other characters do is sleep around and purposely kill patients to try and get them new organs so who am I to judge?

BIG weekend plans! Husband and I are visiting friends in Charlottesville and coincidentally, it happens to be their anniversary as well (7 years for us, 10 for them). So we've planned (the wives, that is, the husbands couldn't plan their way out of a locked building with a key and a map) a sunset hot air balloon ride followed by a nice dinner. I wasn't able to get the time slot I would have preferred for our dinner reservations despite calling two weeks in advance - it is parents' weekend at the University of VA apparently. I was really surprised parents were taking their kids to the restaurant we're going to, as it's quite nice (read, expensive) and I thought college kids preferred Taco Bell and Chili's. Maybe I'm remembering parents' weekends while I was in college and am feeling just a tad bitter I wasn't taken to expensive, chi chi restaurants.

We'll see how things go; Husband and I are having a little spat currently. He insists we have a big Christmas party at our house for the people that work for him and their spouses. I strongly prefer that said party be at a hotel. All I've heard about since we moved here is how he's not thrilled with his team and he has a lot of work to do with them. I've only heard negative things and now he wants me to welcome them - around 35 total - into my home? Yep, I have a bit of a problem with that. Plus, if it were me, I'd prefer to have the party at the hotel where I'm staying, so that after drinking and partying I can just go up to my room and go to bed instead of getting in a car and driving half an hour back to a hotel. But Husband does not understand this; he thinks it's so much nicer and more personal to have people to your home. Maybe it is, but I'm the one that would have to do all the work for a bunch of people I've never met and will probably only see twice a year.

After going back and forth about this, I found out what I consider a deal breaker; because his boss is an expense nazi (driving 8 hours to get to a meeting instead of buying a $200 plane ticket) we are expected to pay for the party ourselves. In the past, the Company has allowed expensing of business entertainment. So now my position is, I'll be happy to send them Christmas gifts, but no party in my house or at a hotel. These people didn't perform well over the year so they, and therefore my husband, did not get bonuses. So I'm not going to run up our credit card with a party expense.

Husband and I are at a stalemate over this right now. Could be a tense anniversary weekend.


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