Monday, October 09, 2006


So you know you've let the vacuuming go too long when you finally get to it and the dust bunnies go rolling merrily across the floor in front of you due to the air from the vacuum.

In my defense - I don't like vacuuming.

The good thing is, ever since we bought a Dyson (love it!), Husband has no problem vacuuming for me. One might even say he's "happy" (gasp) to do it. You see, the Dyson really sucks the men in (pun intended). It has a clear plastic receptacle where the debris collects. This see-through feature is a true man magnet. It's makes the Dyson positively toy-like! Husband cannot resist watching all the dust bunnies get sucked into it (which means he has to actually vacuum to see this amazing phenomenon occur - score!)

Seriously, I love this vacuum. For anyone with pets it's a definite must have. Put it on your Christmas list, people! Only 65 shopping days until Christmas! Ack, kill me know.


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