Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stop Cancelling My Shows

Anyone but me watching the new TV series called "The Nine"? It's on Wednesday nights at 10 pm. Scott Wolf, Tim Daly (lookin' good!), Kim Raver, Chi McBride. I'd just like to know before I get too invested and it gets cancelled like 97% of all new series...

I've only been watching here and there because of course that time slot is reserved for one of my favorite shows, Project Runway. The season finale was last night (Jeffrey!!! OMG, who saw that one coming? Michael - wth happened, dude? Uli - I was totally rooting for you, so close! Laura - not bad, you've got your niche carved out) so now I don't have to flip between the two. Which is quite difficult, let me tell you, if you're doing it in the dark because you're watching in bed and your husband went to sleep early.

So not only am I trying to find the right remote control button in the dark (I think guys are just genetically programmed to be able to do this. I'm sure my husband could roll over in his sleep and press the right flippin' button before I could.) but I also have to keep the volume low so as not to disturb His Sleeping Highness, He Who Gets Up Early To Go Off Into The World And Do Big, Important, Manly Things.

Geez, totally lost my train of thought there...OK, so "The Nine" is about 9 (duh!) people who are taken hostage in a bank for 2 days when a robbery goes very bad. We don't yet know why it went bad or what happened inside. Oh, except that half of Kim Raver's character's hair got chopped off. Can't wait to find out how that happened, sheesh. And, another character who worked at the bank was killed. It's actually quite interesting as it unfolds in flashbacks and you see how the characters handle life afterward. Like Scott Wolf's character is a doctor who injects something in one of the bank robbers to try and kill him when he's in the hospital recovering from a gunshot afterward.

I really don't know why I bother. I'm sure it will just get cancelled like "Smith" - that Ray Liotta show that was just axed. Of course I had been watching that because hot Simon Baker was in it with his shirt off in pretty much every episode, damn!


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