Thursday, October 05, 2006

Take Out the Trash

I rarely write about politics because frankly, I think the whole system and the people that run it are just too self-important. But I have to say, the whole male page email scandal that caused Florida Senator Foley to resign is sick and appalling.

Because now we find out it was an "open secret" (whatever the hell that really means) in Washington. Everyone apparently knew he was sending sexual and inappropriate emails to underage male pages. Wha?? What am I missing? Where is the outrage? Because he's resigned and now come out saying he is a gay man everything is supposed to be OK? Hello - on several occasions he actually asked to meet with these boys -boys, as in under the age of 18! Doesn't matter if you're gay or not, that doesn't get a free pass.

And then, this week Speaker of the House Hasbert admits he knew Foley was doing this LAST YEAR! But no, he's not going to resign because he doesn't think he did anything wrong. Afterall, he TOLD Foley to cut it out. Well, there you go. He told him to stop so therefore we must absolve him of all responsibility of protecting minors. Asshat - leave already, you absolutely disgust me, both of you.


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