Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another Religious Asshat Falls

Oh people, I can't take it!!

I was gonna be quiet for a while, you know, not rant at every little thing that bothered me. Of course, I probably would have had to stop blogging for a long time since that's all I talk about...But anyway, I just can't let this one go, so hang on!

I am SO sick of these self-proclaimed "Uber Religious" people who are then found to be scum of the Earth. In fact, they are worse than the whores out there because at least the hookers aren't hiding it and lying to their families (OK, maybe some are), and congregations full of faithful worshippers (ya gotta give me this one, though).

Yes, by now you probably know I'm referring to the latest religious asshat, "Pastor" Ted Haggard, King of All Lowlife Regligous Asshats.

NOW - after being caught in his lies - he admits to buying meth and having a "massage" by a gay prostitute. But, but, but he didn't - he swears - actually use the meth or actually have sex with a guy. Uh huh, yeah, keep going with that line of defense. It worked SO well for Mr. "I Did Not Inhale" and "I Did Not Have Sex With That Women" Clinton. And, oh by the way, he FAILED the polygraph test he took Friday with regard to whether he had sexual contact with the gay prostitute. The holier-than-thou reverend's response: "I am confused why I failed that, other than the fact that I am totally exhausted."

Really? 'Cause I am not confused. I am totally disgusted with your lies and overall asshattery. What about your wife and FIVE children? You broke your vows, fucked up big time as a father, and let down millions of people (he was the president of the National Association of Evangelicals) that actually respected you and looked toward you for leadership.

And you had the NERVE to preach again and again with all your fervored religious zeal that gay marriage is wrong, wrong, wrong all the while you're doing the humpty bumpty with a male prostitute while snorting meth. What a fine, upstanding man you are.

The damage he's done is just incomprehensible. How many people have lost faith because the man they looked to for leadership and guidance has let them down. And it's not just him. Why does this keep happening?? Let's see now, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, various Catholic priests, etc. It's amazing anyone still goes to church. I myself am done with it, just don't know who to trust anymore.


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