Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beta Schmeta

Blogger is cracking me up with their New! and Improved! version. I haven't switched yet and I sure as hell don't plan to as long as I see the word "beta." Plus, what do I need categories for? All my posts fall into the same great category - Rants R Us.

The current, non-test version doesn't even work half the time as it is. I want to know what's in it for me if I switch?? If they want to give me money for being a guinea pig, I might consider it.

So, has anyone out there switched? If so, share your experience! Lose any posts or links? How complicated was it?

I also have to say "thanks buckaroos" for all your wonderful comments yesterday about the Pampered Chef party lady who gave her pet the boot for fear he would damage her precious floors. I love your delicious evilness, people! I just have to share some of the more entertaining comments with ya:

  • I would have totally bitch slapped her snooty ass all the way back to cheese land. Where she would promptly get trampled by a herd of cows. Luck 'o the Irish

  • To hell with turning off the lights! I suggest you throw a wild party with loud music the night of her PC party. Tony

  • Keep your lights on and do your own thing. Don't let that nasty dog deserter guilt you into spending your hard earned cash on her icky kitchen tools!! LadyBug

  • You should hit her. Or poop in her mailbox. Gypsy

  • You should get one of those sets of night vision goggles, that way you won't need the lights on in your house... Mr. Fabulous

  • I would at least stop by every evening and let my dog leave her a present on the front lawn. Artgirl

  • You should go and reap her [as in take her soul a la The Grim Reaper]. That would show her. Or, you can go and buy me stuff. I like stuff. Or decline and let her see that you would rather stay home and play with lint from the dryer then hang out with her. Libragirl

  • Wait, go to her party wearing golf cleats and then do an interpretive dance on her hardwood floors to show your appreciation at being invited to yet another Pampered Chef party. Pooping at the end is optional of course. Robin.


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