Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beyond Ranting

Yes, that's right, I've snapped. I am beyond disgusted at Sony Corp., makers of a limited quantity of PlayStation 3, evil spawners of actions beyond belief across America in the past few days.

  • In VA, a crowd waiting outside a Target store grew so unruly by 10 p.m. (they had another 10 hours to wait until the store opened at 8 a.m.) that the police were called. The police were unable to get the crowd to calm down and ended up firing rounds of talcum powder on the ground near the crowd. Police then made Target give out voucher tickets for the eight systems they had (there were over 350 people lined up). Gee, what a novel idea. Why didn't Target think of that? Oh, I know, I know! Because then people would have left and those not getting vouchers wouldn't have bought other things, thus driving Target's profit margin through the roof. Greed, thy name is Target.
  • In Palmdale, CA, police SHUT DOWN a Super Wal-Mart because shoppers got too rowdy. One man was injured when he ran into a pole running for a spot in line to try and get one of the ten PlayStations available.
  • In Putnam, CT, two men tried to rob people waiting in line for the game system to go on sale. They shot and wounded one man who refused to give up his money.
  • About 30 miles away in CT, another shopper was beaten and robbed of his new PlayStation 3 just minutes after buying it.
  • In Lexington, KY, someone fired BB pellets from a car into a crowd waiting outside a Best Buy store, grazing four people, including a reporter who was interviewing people.
And that's just a sampling of the many bruhahas going on across the U.S. of A this weekend. I guess I'm done trying to understand how people can work themselves up into such a state that they would, at the least, wait outside all night in line, and at the most, be willing to kill someone to get a damn game.

Who is buying this game?? What parents other than the Trumps can afford to drop $600 on a Christmas present for their kid(s)? What the hell is wrong with Sony Corp.? They absolutely knew this would happen when they decided to release a limited about of PlayStations. I, for one, will never and I promise you, EVER, buy anything made by Sony Corp.

Where is the soul of these "men" in their early 20s that are buying this game as an entrepreneurial venture. The games are already popping up all over eBay, listed at THOUSANDS of dollars; the news reported one listing at $3500. eBay: Have the cojones to refuse to allow listings above the retail price. Yes, that flies in the face of American consumerism, but someone has to take a stand for integrity before it is completely eroded.

Where has humanity toward the fellow man gone? Or, did we never really have it at all?


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