Monday, November 06, 2006

Blog Etiquette

I was reading Dooce's latest post and got to wondering - whose blog(s) does she read? Or, does she even read any?

Because you notice that she doesn't have a blogroll like most blogs. I really like the whole blogroll concept because if there's a blog I like, I'll go check out the blogs on that bloggers 'roll since chances are, I'll probably like them, too.

So, I'm really curious if there are any blogs Heather finds amusing, interesting, can't-go-a-week without reading...Yeah, I have too much time on my hands to wonder this. What with the Christmas-hating and religous zealot bashing, you'd think I wouldn't have the time, but oh my friends, I always have time for meaningless speculation.

And, what's the "blogroll etiquette"? If you're on my blogroll should I be on yours and vice versa? But, if you read my blog but never comment, how would I even know to go visit your blog, read your posts, and comment. Gah! I have to admit, it does make me go "hmm" when I continually leave comments on someone's blog and they NEVER EVER stop by mine. I think that's just rude!

I do try to visit every blogger who leaves a comment on my blog. Not hard since I get so few! I just think it's plain 'ol fashioned good manners. But I know there are some bloggers out there who get beaucoup comments - and I won't mention any names (I know, when did I become nice?) - but they never "return comment." I will mention Mr. Fab of Pointless Drivel who ALWAYS return comments even though he gets a gajibillion comments (he likes when I make up words so I used it special for him) so I think he deserves an award. Or something. How about an "atta boy, " Mr. Fab? You've more than earned it! I for one really appreciate that you visit my blog when I leave a comment on yours.

What do you all think? What's your idea of good blog etiquette?


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