Friday, November 17, 2006

Deer: 1, Human: 0

Sometimes I come across news tidbits that just really warm my little Grinchy heart.

A woman in WI has reported that the fake deer in her front yard was "attacked" by a real deer. Apparently, a real buck felt threatened by its fake counterpart and took him out. The woman called the sheriff's office who sent deputies out to take a look. Wow, slow crime day in Oostburg, WI!

The deputies said that the buck body checked Fakey with enough force to decapitate its ceramic head which was lying on the ground, trampled. Snicker, snicker.

I say, hey lady, that's what you get for putting a stupid fake deer in your front yard - classy! Really, can any explain the attraction of fake deer, and fake geese for that matter, parading across one's lawn? Oh, I've even seen a fake horse - I kid you not. I seriously don't get it. No one thinks they're real - they don't even look remotely real. Is it a redneck thing? A white trash thing? A "I'm too stupid to know how stupid I am" thing?

I have to say, there was one lady in my old neighborhood who had a big fake goose that she dressed up in crazy outfits. It really made me laugh to see the new one each month. I have to believe this lady had a good sense of humor; her goose would wear various football teams' outfits in the fall, an Easter Bunny suit in the Spring, a Leprechaun outfit in March, etc.

Maybe if WI cheesehead lady would have dressed her deer in a nice Halloween outfit - maybe a turkey? - he wouldn't have gotten his head knocked off.


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