Friday, November 10, 2006

Dimes to Your Door With a Smile

Holy Wacky Tabbacy, Batman!

Well now I've heard everything. I knew NYC was a cool, hip town where you could get anything delivered to your door at 2 am from food to dry cleaning. But pot? And from the "Cartoon Network"? Nope, didn't see that one coming.

Apparently the DEA did - this is an actual photo of packaged pot for home delivery from a busted pot ring in Manhattan called the "Cartoon Network".

Shocking! I'm just shocked and appalled. OK, I'm not, I'm actually strangely fascinated by the cojones of whoever started it up. Now that doesn't mean I condone it; I seriously doubt Richmond has such a ring now that we've fallen all the way down to like 15 on the Top Cities for Crime list, so reassuring. But I'd sure rather have a home delivery pot service in town then a meth lab.

I gotta say, I kind of admire the ingenuity of the idea. Apparently, these at home drug rings are geared toward customer service which entails a very polite order taker (whom you contact via pager number) and an equally polite, well-groomed delivery dude who could very well be an out of work actor that shows up on your doorstep. This, of course, saves the white collar professional from having to go to the "bad" part of town and invite danger by standing on a street corner waiting for the pot dealer. 'Cause gosh, you know, that's really scary and you could get involved in some kind of messy drug turf war and get shot in a drive by. Much easier to just have your drugs delivered, and with a smile!

Pot-selling has been corporatized! And apparently it's becoming all the rage. All the kids are doing it, Mom. Because the penalities for dealing pot are much less than other drugs, these pot rings are willing to take more of a risk by getting into the at home delivery biz. This busted Cartoon Network ring was taking 600 orders a day! Their client list included everyone from doctors and lawyers to celebrities.

The DEA reports it used sophisticated surveillance included wire taps to catch this ring and ended up arresting 12 people. Um, OK. But what about more dangerous drugs like coke and heroin? Why isn't the DEA going after those guys first before spending all the time and money on catching pot dealers? I don't really get it.


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