Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Faith Hill: Acting or Not?

Thank you, Paper Police, for totally ignoring the fact I have not paid you in like 6 months. Yes, my paper was delivered - an hour late, but it is here!

Biggest news (in VA anyway) is that the senate race is so close (2,000+ vote difference) that the republican loser Allen has demanded a recount and isn't conceding that democrat Webb has won. OH, it's gonna get ugly people.

So, what does everyone think about the whole Faith Hill thing? Joke or not?? I've seen the replay of her screaming, "What!" several times after hearing that Carrie Underwood won Best Female Vocalist and I'm not sure. I don't really follow the country music scene so I don't know a lot about her but I've seen her a couple of times on talk shows. She always seems very sincere and down to earth so my first instinct was, "Oh, she was totally joking."

Also interesting that the whole thing comes right on the heels of Kayne West making a total ass of himself! What a loser. Ha, literally. Just another example of someone who thinks too highly of himself. He blamed the "incident" where he rushed the stage and interrupted the group who actually won the award on "too many drinks" beforehand. Oh, well, that makes it all better.


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