Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Great Peanut Perfidy, Charlie Brown

I've been living in VA for 5 months now and one of my best discoveries has been the peanuts. Yeah, the trees are beautiful, the people are nice, the weather rocks, blah blah blah, back to the peanuts.

So there are peanuts specifically called "Virginia" peanuts and they are special, oh so special. They're huge and crunchy. This crunchiness is not your normal Planters peanuts crunchy, oh no, this crunch is not to be believed. These peanuts come in cans and many say you should keep them in your refrigerator to maintain the crunch.

So as I'm shoveling handfuls in, I get to wondering, "How do they make these nuts so crunchy good?"

Oh dear. Yes, I've been duped Big Time. Here I'm thinking peanuts are healthy and good for me but what makes food crunchy? Frying it in oil!! Gah! I've probably clogged my arteries so much in the past 5 months I need an angioplasty to open 'em back up. I'm so distressed!

This is exactly what happened years ago when I was scarfing on banana chips, thinking they were healthy (hey, this was like 15 years ago when red wine was still bad and trans fats were good so don't judge). Well, they weren't and apparently these peanuts aren't great for ya either.

As soon as I realized there was probably something really unhealthy going on with these peanuts to make them so crunchy, I made my husband read the can so I could continue eating my last handfuls blissfully unaware of their badness.

So, sure enough, they are "cooked" in oil. Gah! The lies, the duping, the misleading, can I ever trust food again? Also, I'm not buying the "cooked, " you bloody weenies, just come out and say they're fried.

*sigh* Back to Planter's Dry Roasted. A lot less crunchy but at least Mr. Peanut isn't duping me into believing they're healthier than they are. I love you and your monocle, Mr. Peanut. Not so much your silly tap shoes, though.


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