Monday, November 13, 2006

hz d wrld gone nsan wen I wasnt l%kin?

Is it just me, or do you sometimes read something and wonder if you've somehow been transported to another planet when you weren't paying attention? Like, one minute you're going about your normal life, scooping cat litter and watching Desperate Housewives, and the next you're looking around wondering why you're the only one the zombies didn't eat?

As if the guy sticking a firecracker up his butt wasn't bizarre enough (but understandable since alcohol was a factor), we now have New Zealand high school students using "text-speak" in written assignments, including tests, with the blessing of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

You know, text-speak like "lmao" for "laughing my ass off" and "NwZQA iz nsan" for New Zealand Qualifications Authority is insane" and "letz go 2 skul ther!" for "Let's go to school there!" which is what all kids are now furiously texting to each other.

Are you kidding me?? What is wrong with them? Sure, let's encourage these kids not to use proper English so they can grow up not knowing how to spell or write with proper grammar and punctuation. They'll go so far. We'll be 80 and the world be run by technologically savvy but English-challenged idiots sitting in offices texting, "pls hav yor report 2 me by wed. @ noon. caL me w NE :-Qz. c U thN. thx. P.S. hA, how bout :-) hr 2nt?"

P.S. If you need help translating what your kids are saying, U got 2 chek DIS Lnk out:


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