Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Liar or Not?

OK, 73-year-old Joan Collins was on The View today and AGAIN stated she has NEVER had plastic surgery or Botox, which she called "poison."

Please, you've got to be kidding! She insists she has "good genes" and believes in "lashings and lashings" of makeup. Well, I'll grant her the makeup part as she appeared to have a gallon and a half of flesh-colored spackle on her face.

Poor BaBa WaWa, who has definitely had plastic surgery but doesn't talk about it either, shhh, asked her to give some beauty tips. I'm sure every woman watching held her breath and leaned forward in her seatso as not to miss a word...Joan's big tip? Lipstick. Preferably red. Whoa, let me get my pen so I can write that on next week's grocery list.

Finally, let me leave you with a few quotes from Joan (from a website) that particularly blew my hair back:

"I have taken care of what I have - I’ve never taken drugs, I drink in moderation and I don’t really smoke." (Love that, doesn't "really" smoke.)

Joan claims she will never go under the surgeon’s knife because people who do look like "chipmunks".

Oh, P.S., Wendy is holding her monthly casting call now. Go check it out.


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