Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oops, She Did It Again

OK, I guess the first time was an annulment, but still...

I think it's hysterical - she waits until she's looking hot, loses all her two-baby weight, and THEN she drops the hammer and tells loser/moocher K-Fed to beat it. I love it!

Oh, I still think she showed extremely poor judgment and petulant childlike behavior to marry him in the first place. Clearly, she just wanted to be married and have kids. And that's who I feel sorry for - those poor kids. Oh sure, they'll have every material thing on Earth, but will they be a happy family?

I predict that within a year she'll have a new album out, a new boyfriend, adopt a child from an African country, and french kiss Madonna again. Anyone wanna bet me?

P.S. I bet Entertainment Tonight et al is going to have a flippin' field day with this one! I'm thrilled - maybe we can now leave the endless stories of Anna Nicole crying alternated with Anna Nicole giving birth. Puhlease!


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