Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Paper Police Cut Me Off

I have a routine in the morning. Always and everyday, I do not vary. It's very simple but it definitely involves the newspaper. Must read the newspaper every morning and work on the crossword puzzzle while eating my Shredded Wheat-Kashi Go Lean (my ass!) cereal mix with berries and Silk Light Plain Soymilk. And, coffee. Mucho caffeino necessito.

This works very well until one part of the routine breaks down. In this case, no paper. No goddamn paper this morning. It's 7 o' fucking clock, so where can it be?? It's usually here by 6 and Husband nicely gets its and brings it for me; lays it on my spot on the kitchen counter bar thingy where I eat my cereal.

I go through my whole routine this morning: Give Sampson his greenie, give kitties some lowfat treats, pour my cereal, cut my berries, sit down at the bar, and GAH!! No paper. Hike outside in my big slippers; no paper. Call husband; yep, no paper this morning.

Hmm, don't recall seeing a bill for the paper in ???? oh, forever. Damn! The Paper Police obviously just realized they've been forgetting to send us a bill and have cut off my precious paper.

Curses upon me and my anal morning routine; I don't know how to function now! So, tell me what's going on today since I'm paperless. Oh, other than Brit and K-Fed split - sick of them already.


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